It hasn’t been all bad (or top 5 reasons I will always have a special place in my heart for Rob Pattinson and Twilight)

June 11, 2009

So while the hubs may be right about the obsessive nature of my love of all things Twi-related, he may not be seeing all the good things this obsession with Twilight and Rob Pattinson has brought into my life.

Here are my top 5 arguements for why the Twilight obsession has been a good thing:

 1 – Sweet lovin’ – thanks to all the great fanfic. I don’t hear him complaining about that!

 2 – Radiohead – While there are some opinions floating around that the soundtrack is not the best music in town, I did buy it and really like it. However, I am not at all a music snob. I have my good standbys (usually indie folk) and don’t usually steer into other areas. Stick with me here. Once I got so sick of listening to the sound track on repeat, I starting looking for something new and raw and interesting and I found Radiohead (which the hubs introduced me to) and I love it. So Twilight brought us a new common interest…fancy that!

Somehow this...

Somehow this...


can lead to this.

can lead to this.


3 – More Milfy every day – I have really cut out the late night snacking as I have replaced it with all things Twilight and Rob. Thus far, I have lost 10 lbs., how you like them apples, hubs?

4 – Artistic inspiration – Watching the movie, reading the book, watching the movie, reading Catherine Hardwickes directors notebook started me thinking about how films are made, artistic journaling and writing in general. I have stated some ideas for short stories, created story boards and even came up with a few good short film ideas. Art is what? Good! That’s right.

5 – Rob – this one isn’t really for the hubs but damn, the boy is hawt! I haven’t obsessed this much about a celebrity since NKOTB. And while I used to scream out loud with sightings of them in Tiger Beat, now I only scream in my head, to myself when a new pic like this comes out of Rob. Swoon.



It’s bound to happen…

June 3, 2009
So, of course now that I have made the whole ‘quitting my Twilight obsession’ official by starting this blog, Rob shows up in my dreams (I decided it’s Rob and not Edward because Edward is a fictional character and it’s less likely for this dream to come true if it’s with someone who doesn’t exist in the real world. Totally rationale, right?).
In the almost three months that everything Twilight has taken over my life, it has not entered my dreams even once.
It’s like Rob is pleading with me and saying “Don’t leave this world of obsessed fans. You are a good one. You don’t set stalk, you don’t create pants with iron on pictures of me on them, you don’t get tattoos of a fictional character in hopes that another fictional character will fall in love with you.” And you know what, Rob? You are right!

But I digress…the dreamy dream. Rob was in my basement in an old sweater from the 80s and I was unabashedly loving on him. He needed to borrow a jacket because it was cold outside and while I went to get him a fleece, dude put on my white and very expensive trench. I didn’t want it getting dirty when I took him behind the dumpster so I made him take it off. The end.

That sort of thing will give me daydreams for a month, damnmit! So I must steel myself against these diversions and stay true to my goal. I mean when New Moon comes out am I going to skip work for a week so I can hole up and watch the movie 10 times, break it down LTT Vanity Fair Style? Most likely yes, but I will do it in moderation so it can not be called an obsession, but a mere hobby. Semantics folks, semantics!

So in order to be prepared for these diversions (like when more pictures of Rob come out later today) I need to have a plan. I did some googling to see what was out on the web for overcoming your life consuming addiction with Twilight. Lots of suggestions for finding a replacement series – like Harry Potter – but I’m not quite ready for that. Many addicts seem to find that they try, but they either have to go cold turkey (turning their backs on all things Twilight) or fail miserably and return to their crack at the mere mention of new set pics (I fear this will be me in a short week).

I found this  site and thought what the hell? It’s worth a try and I can document my progress against this. If the hubby sees that I am actually trying and have a plan, he’s more likely to be patient with my progress.

Step 1 – find another interest or hobby to keep your mind off the Twilight world. 

Does this blog count? It’s about the healing process, people, and that is helpful!

Step 2 – Reduce the time you spend online searching for Twilight related stuff.

All of my Twilight blogs come to me via Google reader and I don’t actually have to go searching. So in fact I already have this one down, right?

Step 3 – Hide your Twilight books and try another series.

Here they go with the Harry Potter series again.  So I am sure they are great books and that someday I will read them, but is there really any comparison to dreaming about Rob vs. Daniel?

rob vs. daniel

Step 4 – Get those people around you to stop talking about Twilight all day.

I don’t know if this is the saddest part, but I am a total closet Twilighter. I mean some friends know I enjoy me some Twilight. I have even confessed the fanfic reading to others. But no one knows the extent to which my obsession consumes me. So, again, this shouldn’t be a problem because there isn’t anyone around me that’s talking to me about it.

Step 5 – Stop buying gossip mags with the cast in them.

You know this one won’t be so bad because usually other fans scan the pics in and post on their site. I can do this one. Except if there is another GQ article or something similar. I mean girl has her limits, you know?

Step 6 – Just persevere for as long as you have to and you will defeat your obsession – trust me, I know. I went through the same addiction. You just need to keep reminding yourself that, no matter how amazing they may be and how much you dream of finding one, vampires like Edward do not exist. There is no point in sitting on your bed at night, staring out your window, waiting for Edward Cullen to creep in. It just won’t happen, because every single Twilight character is a fictional person. Now, you don’t have to end up hating Twilight. It is possible to, like I did, change your whole view on Twilight by turning it into something you simply enjoy reading, just like any other fantasy book. Make sure you don’t get so drawn in that you end up believing every word. It is purely fictional. Remember that.

Ok, so maybe this won’t work for me at all. I mean I don’t actually want Edward to come into my life. I mean, shoot, I have a husband and kids. That would be messy and bad. But I like the diversion of the story and the blogs and the fanfic and the movies and the cast pics. I just gotta keep it in check so the hubby doesn’t feel as neglected as he has for the past few months. Sheesh he’s such a baby!


T minus 5 days and counting

June 3, 2009
So when my husband called me at work today to tell me that my Twilight addiction had to stop, I knew he was right. I was surprised it had taken him so long to put his foot down. I mean I have pretty much exited any form of social interaction since March 26, 2009. That was the start of it all…an innocent girls movie night, I brought the margies, Laura brought the laughs and CJ brought Twilight. I wasn’t even looking forward to seeing it. I had obliquely heard of some people’s fascination with it, but couldn’t get it. Then I saw the movie. Shushing the girls while they tried to talk about other things during it (brazillians, cheating husbands). I left the next day on a trip with my sister and our kids. Her 10 year old daughter brought Twilight and I watched again the next night. Then I went to Target and bought the book and before the weekend was up, I bought New Moon, just so I’d have it ready and on hand when I finished Twilight.

I finished all 4 books in a week. Mind you I have a full time job, two kids under 6 and a husband. I starting wishing I, too, could be a vampire so I didn’t have to sleep and could stay up and continue my obsession with all things Twilight.

Now I have seen the movie over 10 times, read the books through twice (along with Midnight Sun in parallel with Twilight) and moved onto FanFic. I subscribed to my favorite blogs via goggle reader so I could read them at work. I followed the filming of New Moon, swoon every time a new pic of Rob comes out and am hot and cold on KStew. The only conversations I was interested in having were about Twilight but I am a bit of closet lover…no one but the hubby really knows the level of my addiction.

At that point, the hubby starting grumbling. Laundry wasn’t getting done, dishes were piling up. I tried to console him by sending him links Twilight Widowers Annonymous to help him see that other husbands felt his pain.

Then I spent our anniversary glued to my iPhone reading Wide Awake. The next day the intervention came. His words were kind, but clear –

this obsession with Twilight has got to stop.

He was right. I just want to finish Wide Awake and put a plan in place for how I am going to do this without any withdrawl. I plan on Sunday being the day I am officially a non-obsessed Twilight lover. Boo!