You know you may be too far gone when…

June 30, 2009

Ok, so I know I’m a bit Judgy McJudgerson of Twi-sessions (mostly my own) but I can’t help escape the feeling that any day now the guys in white suits are going to roll up in front of my house for me. And I will not even question it.

 This blog actually started out as a way to document the end of my Twilight Obsession. And now I am claiming it’s an outlet for my Twi-session (To the hubs. Who is officially suspicious that the obsession is going nowhere.) But I think at times, it actually propels me further into batsh*t crazy territory.

 Case in point – I went to a 90 min seminar today and spent the entire time thinking about this:

So flippin' distractin

So flippin' distracting

More specifically this:


Thinking about my hand on it. Thinking about how that could morph into some version of Chapter 23 in I Love LA. Thinking about how I could get the hubs to act out that chapter at home. Thinking I will have to start keeping extra panties in my drawer at work now.


 Exhibit 2 – My daughter, who mind you is not even officially a toddler yet, sees me looking at Rob pictures online the other day, points to one and yells “Daddy!!!” No honey, thank god. The hubs is actually a great daddy and I certainly wouldn’t trade him in for Rob. But I wouldn’t mind trying to make babies with Rob.


Exhibit 3 – I am constantly trying to identify other Twi-hards

are you a twi-hard

I’m like an undercover Twi-detective with really bad Twi-dar because I never actually find any in real life.

I went to a family reunion this weekend and zoned out thinking which one of my aunts or cousins could possibly be into it. I kept waiting for someone to bring it up, but the only good topic was The Hangover.

I am going to the NKOTB concert tomorrow night (Hello! MILFCon!) I wonder if Donnie was the inspiration for Edward's hair? and think there will have to be some fellow Twi-hards there. You think my high school girlfriends would be pissed if I ditch them for some new friends? I mean I did ask if they have yet read Twilight and there wasn’t much interest.


Exhibit 4 – I am avoiding people.

The other day I walked up to the flavia machine at work and instead of getting my cup of coffee, I set it down and headed to the ladies room. Why? Because the guy who was already there is a total chatter box. And his 30 min of chitty chatting about his son and how he can read and play hockey (ad nasuem) really hinders my morning google reader session of all my favorite Twi-blogs.

Also? Instead of going out for a bite with some girlfriends the other night, I went to see The Proposal. Alone. In the hopes of seeing the New Moon preview. Epic fail on my part. No New Moon trailer. And besides the slight eye candy that is Ryan Reynolds – not much of a movie.


Exhibit 5 – I can relate to at least 99 of the 100 Twitarded ways Twilight has changed my life .

This, though? This I am proud of! Because there are a ton of other Twi-hards (or should I call us Twi-tards?) that are totally crazy, obsessed, whateveryouwannacallit about Twilight so even if that van pulls up for me, I know there will be some fellow Twi-hard/tards in there already. 

And being in the nut house will give me so much more time to devote to my Twi-session. Booyah!


One comment

  1. you started the blog to END your obsession!? hahahaha… sorry.. i’m just laughing b/c i am picturing me telling myself that about our blog- or telling my husband.. it’s only made mine WORSE!

    also.. what were you pointing out in that 2nd picture? i only saw the dunkin donuts coffee.. b/c that’s what i’m drinking as we speak..


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