T minus 5 days and counting

June 3, 2009
So when my husband called me at work today to tell me that my Twilight addiction had to stop, I knew he was right. I was surprised it had taken him so long to put his foot down. I mean I have pretty much exited any form of social interaction since March 26, 2009. That was the start of it all…an innocent girls movie night, I brought the margies, Laura brought the laughs and CJ brought Twilight. I wasn’t even looking forward to seeing it. I had obliquely heard of some people’s fascination with it, but couldn’t get it. Then I saw the movie. Shushing the girls while they tried to talk about other things during it (brazillians, cheating husbands). I left the next day on a trip with my sister and our kids. Her 10 year old daughter brought Twilight and I watched again the next night. Then I went to Target and bought the book and before the weekend was up, I bought New Moon, just so I’d have it ready and on hand when I finished Twilight.

I finished all 4 books in a week. Mind you I have a full time job, two kids under 6 and a husband. I starting wishing I, too, could be a vampire so I didn’t have to sleep and could stay up and continue my obsession with all things Twilight.

Now I have seen the movie over 10 times, read the books through twice (along with Midnight Sun in parallel with Twilight) and moved onto FanFic. I subscribed to my favorite blogs via goggle reader so I could read them at work. I followed the filming of New Moon, swoon every time a new pic of Rob comes out and am hot and cold on KStew. The only conversations I was interested in having were about Twilight but I am a bit of closet lover…no one but the hubby really knows the level of my addiction.

At that point, the hubby starting grumbling. Laundry wasn’t getting done, dishes were piling up. I tried to console him by sending him links Twilight Widowers Annonymous to help him see that other husbands felt his pain.

Then I spent our anniversary glued to my iPhone reading Wide Awake. The next day the intervention came. His words were kind, but clear –

this obsession with Twilight has got to stop.

He was right. I just want to finish Wide Awake and put a plan in place for how I am going to do this without any withdrawl. I plan on Sunday being the day I am officially a non-obsessed Twilight lover. Boo!



  1. […] blog actually started out as a way to document the end of my Twilight Obsession. And now I am claiming it’s an outlet […]

  2. you are seriously not the only one! i’ve seen the movie a million times it seems and read the books twice all within two weeks the first time. the first book i read in one day! start to finish and watched the movie that night too! wide awake is an obsession now too. i check for updates daily and am anxiously awaiting the next week when it’s supposed to be complete. here’s to all of us who are robsessed.

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